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Automatic sanitizer / disinfectant dispenser

Automatic sanitizer dispenser
Portable humidifier
Smart induction
Aerosol sterilizer


Infrared sensor: 11.5 cm proximity sensor, as the main sensing distance, together with a sensitive transmission of the photosensitive material. Contactless to avoid contagion. 
Spray: 100ml capacity tank, up to 40-60ml per hour. The spray is gentle and effective for disinfection.
Small and portable: diameter of 7.8cm and height 11cm. It can be carried in a backpack, to carry at any time.
Available to charge or plug: 1200mAh capacity lithium battery, safe and stable, with long battery life, low power consumption, dual-use for charging and plugging.
Fast dry: alcohol spray sterilization protects the health of the whole family. The Alcohol Sprayer is sterilized for 60 seconds, eliminating hand washing.
Environmental friendly ABS material: The shell uses ABS raw materials, which has good rigidity, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. It has good electrical insulation, heat resistance, no deformation, hard and not easy to scratch.
Suggested Applications: office, home, school, restaurant, travel, bathroom, toilet.

Brand Name: Juneleo
Item Type: UV Gel Drying Lamps
Model Number: CK-001
Material: Acrylic, ABS and Silicone
Battery: 1200mA
Voltage: DC5V / 1.0A
Spray volume: 40 - 60ml
Interface: Micro

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