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Jump ladder for agility

Agility jump ladder
Agility Soccer
Outdoor training
Soccer Fitness
3M 4M 6M Foot Speed ​​Ladder
Product Name: Agile Ladder

*Function: agile training
*Material: PP material Nylon rope
*Options: 3 m agility ladder (with bag); 4 m agility ladder (with bag); 6m agility ladder (with bag)
*Size: single plastic strip size: length 42cm * width 2cm * thickness 5mm
Nylon rope size: Length: 3 meters; 4 meters; 6 meters
Width: 2 cm.
*Product application: football, basketball, badminton, rugby ball, track and field training, etc.
*Environmentally friendly PP material, durable and reusable training.
* Make your ideal gifts special for sports teams or coaches.
* The nylon woven tape is tightly bundled, and the woven belt remains flat after folding and unfolding. The zipper tape can be spliced ​​very conveniently.
* Distribute a storage bag for easy carrying and convenient storage.
* Strong flexibility, no crease breaks.
* The design of the buckle can be spliced ​​at random, and the rope ladder and rope ladder are spliced.

* Due to the light difference, the color may be slightly different.
* Please allow slight differences due to manual measurement.
* The image shown here is indicative only.

Packing list
1 * agility ladder
1 * storage bag
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