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Pet Carrier Backpack

Enjoy the fun of having a trip with your pet!


  • High quality nylon, durable and easy to wash
  • Adjustable, padded straps effectively relieve your shoulders from great pressure
  • Mesh offers massive ventilation and space for your pet to breathe
  • 4 openings for your pet to stretch their legs
  • Side closure and elastic velcro closure at the top, perfect to hold your pet safely
  • 2 ways to wear it, front or back
  • With a hole in the back for the tail, you will feel more comfortable


  • Inner legs distance
    S: 10.6cm (4 inches)
    M: 12.7cm (5 inches)
    L: 15.24cm (6 inches)
    XL: 17.78cm (7 inches)

  • Chest circumference
    S: 30cm (11.8 inches)
    M: 43cm (16.9 inch)
    L: 50cm (19.7 inches)
    XL: 65cm (25.6 inches)

Package includes

1 x pet carrier backpack
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