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Moisture-proof inflatable mat

1. Rhombus design, better support and ventilation, comfortable and easy;
2. Made of double-layer fabric, the outside is nylon TPU, and the inside is TPU sealing, wear-resistant and waterproof;
3. Double layer air valve, simple inflation and rapid deflation;
4. Only 1 kg, ultra-light and portable, easy to carry and store;
5. The inflatable bag is not only a mat storage bag, but also a waterproof bag.

Brand: Naturehike
Model Number: NH19Z055-P
Material: Nylon TPU, TPU (mouthpiece)
Size: about 120 * 200 * 6.5cm (mat), 70 * 35cm (inflatable bag)
Storage size: about 30 * Dia (12) cm
Weight: about 1kg (mat), 0.1kg (inflatable bag)
Color: blue, orange
Application: camping, hiking and other outdoor sports.
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