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Pizza Baking Popsicles

We present you 5 types of pizza pallets, all of them of excellent quality !!
Select the ones that suit your way of preparing pizza

KT047.- Wooden pallet (2 pieces of 42 * 30cm) for large pizza, excellent finish.

KT068.- Long aluminum pallet (1 piece of 83 * 30.5cm) wooden handle that can be disassembled for storage.

TL001.- Wooden pallet (3 pieces of 42 * 30cm) that can be used as a cutting board.

KT280.- Aluminum trowel (1 piece of 63.5 * 30.5cm) folding wooden handle.

KT079.- Round aluminum trowel (1 piece of 44 * 25.5cm) natural oak handle.

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