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LIGE Design 1856 Watch

LIGE Design 1856 Watch
The high-end of LIGE; watches of extraordinary quality and exquisite design.

This is the conjunction of elegance with strength!
The latest of 2020 !!
Brand: LIGE
Model / year: 1856/2020
Depth of water resistance: 10 BAR
Movement type: automatic mechanical movement
Movement model: Japan NH35
Housing material: 316L stainless steel.
Case Technology: Polished Sand.
Bottom cover type: Bolt-on bottom cover.
Strap material: Stainless steel.
Table Material: Synthetic sapphire.
Desktop Mirror Type: Flat Sapphire.
Mirror coating: Anti-glare with blue coating.
Head type: Screw lock.
Deflector function: 120 teeth unidirectional rotation.
Luminous bezel: 240.000 / KG Swiss BGW9 super-luminous powder, green light.
Surface Color: Silver Green.
Surface luminescence: 240.000 / KG Swiss C3 superluminous powder, blue.
Craft Pointer: Super Bright Steel Color Applique Needle.
Luminous pointer: 240.000 / KG Swiss C3 super luminous powder, blue and green light.
Hands size: 8 * 12 * 12mm
Warranty period: Two years free warranty.
Packing standard: Professional waterproof plastic box.
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