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Cotton V-type underwear for pregnant women

The most comfortable in your pregnancy

High quality fabric: combination of 87% Cotton and 13% Spandex
Cotton lining: 100% high quality cotton; flexible and comfortable.
The perfect choice for women and girls during menstrual cycles or mild incontinence and / or postpartum recovery.

Unique V-shaped design, according to the human body, the cutting surface is anatomical, seamless, ultra comfortable.

Applicable categories: pregnant women, postpartum recovery.
Main material: Nylon, crotch: cotton.
Function: physiotherapy, smooth, no trace, air permeability.
Color: Skin, Purple, Pink, Blue, White, Red.
Packaging: 1pc of women's underwear.

Do not use chlorine, the maximum water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees centigrade

 Month Size Abdominal circumference Leg circumference
1-3 M 60-74 40-60
3-5 L 66-80 48-65
5-7 XL 70-100 50-69
7-9 XXL 74-106 52-75
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