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WOLF-CUB quartz watch model 1013-GG

Original and creative wristwatches with 3D dial design from WOLF-CUB
Gold Quartz Watches for Men
Large waterproof watch with full steel calendar and chronograph

In 2016 (WOLF-CUB watch) wolf boy watches are the founder of a group of young fashion enthusiasts for outdoor activities, they set out to create a design for the young men's accessories brand, and the name of the brand to WOLF-CUB.
The Wolves' greatest ability is to use the role of the Group to kill animals that are larger than them. Each group of wolves has a certain classification, and each member is very clear about their identity, so there is little hatred and fight among themselves. On the contrary, there is a spirit of friendship and cooperation in hunting for prey and the joint presence of youth. We want to let you know the importance of this spirit of friendship and cooperation, as well as time.

- Resistance in deep water: 3Bar
- Mirror Material: Gemstone Symphonic Mirror
- Pointer type: luminous
- Watch movement: PE90 machine
- Total weight of the table: 180g
- Diameter of the box: 5,0 cm approx.
- Case thickness: 1,9 cm approx.
- Strap length: 2,6 cm approx.
- Strap material: rubber
- Adjustable band: Yes

- 1 x WOLF-CUB sports watch
- 1 x gift box with warranty card
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